Friday, February 17, 2012

Spray-Tanning: My Experience

Hey Everyone!

I've been having so much fun lately getting ready for James' birthday that I haven't been doing much of anything else. I decided that I'd like to put in the effort to look amazing for my man on his birthday. So, I went out and I bought myself a new maxi dress. The dress is long, black and red, low cut and racerback. I thought it would suit perfectly since we're going to a Japanese restaurant. Then I went to lush and bought myself a bunch of bodylicious stuff! I also went and got a spray-tan.

First of all, I LOVE the results this spray tan gave me. I'm very dark, much darker than I have been in a while. Second of all I didn't take all the steps necessary before going for my spray-tan for optimal results. Here's a few tips for BEFORE you go for your spray tan:

Exfoliate! This is very important. Break out the brown sugar and olive oil and go to town!
Do not wear any lotions, potions, deodorant or makeup. (I wore makeup and had to take it off.)
Do not wear good, tight clothing.
Choose what you'd like to wear while getting your spray tan (if you want tan lines). I chose to just wear my thong, but if you want to wear a bikini you can, or an itty bitty one piece.... up to you (however I wouldn't suggest the gorilla costume, I don't think that would work too well).

The actual spray tan experience was kind of... awkward. If you aren't used to bearing almost everything to someone this will be especially awkward for you. Luckily I'm an esthician student and my class-mates have seen my hoo-ha so I didn't really worry about my boss seeing my boobs. Here's some pointers while getting your tan.

When your tanner says "hold this, lean this way, arms out like this" do it. She's making sure there aren't any random creases so that when you lay down, you don't have a big white mark on your stomach. Ok, that was important for me because I have rolls... ya, I said it... rolls, and yes, as a matter of fact they are visible when I stand. I'm not proud of it, and I'm working on it but I wanted a tan now.

Make sure you do your best to dry your entire body before putting your clothes on.

After the tanning experience:

I haven't really gotten to this part yet.. it's the night after so here's some tips that I read about and some stuff I've already figured out.

Do not get your body wet. Now, do not mistake "wet" for "wet" there are huge differences here. I was washing my hands after using the restroom and being that I was wearing sweat shorts and a loose tank top to avoid wrecking my tan my leg got a little wet. Now it looks like I have hypo-pigmentation on my leg and it's kinda weird.

Do not shower/bathe for the first like... 6 hours. I'm going to go overnight without showering and either shower tomorrow morning or afternoon. It depends on how my hair looks tomorrow. My boss also suggested that if I absolutely have to shower tomorrow that I don't use a loofah or anything like that (cuz that would exfoliate away the tan) or soap. So what I'll probably do is simply wash my hair tomorrow.

When you do shower pat yourself dry instead of rubbing. This could also be a hand sex tip depending on how you like it.

Moisturize daily to keep the skin nice and hydrated.

When your tan does start to fade and you're starting to get weird splotchy areas, that's when it's time to start exfoliating. You don't have to do any hard-core exfoliating but at least use a loofah. And stay out of pools and hot tubs.

Those are pretty much all my tips for now, if you have any other tips be sure to let me know (I NEED TO KEEP THIS TAN) and I'll talk to you guys soon! Maybe I'll even post pictures of James' birthday on these intergooglewebs.