Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Best Waxing Tip You'll Ever Find

Being an esthetician student, you learn a few things that you didn't already know before. This semester I'm learning all about hair removal... (ok, not ALL about it, just the temporary stuff for now). Now, if you're reading this post you've either waxed before and want to find a way to make it less painful, or you want to try waxing and are worried it's going to be painful.

Let me tell you something no website, no package, no tutorial has EVER told me.

It's all about the POWDER!

Baby/talcum powder that is.... Now, you might be saying "Why would I use baby powder? I want the wax to stick to me." But that is NOT the case.... You want the wax to stick to your hair. When you wax without using powder the wax sticks to the hair and your skin, which will rip your skin a little bit too... (trust me I know). So, it won't make your waxing experience pain free.... you are after all ripping hair from the root.... since the bulb at the end of the hair root is bigger than the pore itself, it spreads open the pore... (which is why you're pores look extra big for a little bit after you wax/tweeze and why it gets red). What it will do though is keep away unnecessary pain. You can apply powder to any area you wish to wax, legs (which don't need as much, since your legs are tough), arms (ditto), bikini, underarms, eyebrows, upper lip, cheek, toes, fingers, chest, back etc etc etc.

And don't let pain turn you off from waxing. The more you wax, the less it hurts. The first time I had my underarms done I wanted to cry it hurt so bad, but now it's like nothing at all. The same goes for the bikini line. So give it time. As you wax some of the papilli (the things that feed the hair) will die, and that hair might not even grow back, but the hair will also grow in thinner (which is why it's a bad idea to wax your eyebrows off, or super duper thin... cuz you might want them back later).

Anyways, those are my tips, feel free to post questions.

- C