Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bath and Body Works True Blue Spa Bronzing Self-Tanning Lotion with Vitamin E: Review

Hey Guys! So I wanted to do this post to share with you my review of this tanner from Bath and Body Works:

This is the True Blue Spa Bronzing Self-Tanning Lotion With Vitamin E. *takes deep breath* Ok, so here is the description from the back of the bottle:

"Lucky you! You've struck gold right at home. This luxurious sunless tanning lotion is a real treasure that will give you a perfect tan, thanks to a touch of instant sheer colour that lets you see where you've applied it. Plus it has the ingredients used by all the best spas in their sunless tanning treatments - like Vitamin E to help moisturize and natural fruit extracts to condition skin. So what's it like to be rich and beautiful?"

And here's the other information on the back of the bottle:

"Before applying sunless tanner, apply a rich moisturizer to elbows, knees and ankles to keep these areas from getting too dark. To keep your golden glow longer, do not exfoliate until your next sunless tanning treatment.

Sunless Spa Treatment
1. Cleanse and exfoliate skin with *uses their own product name however I suggest getting a loofah that's rather coarse or an exfoliating glove*
2. Dry skin completely (drips cause streaking).
3. Massage this lotion into skin with circular motions.
4. Wash hands with soap and water. Avoid dripping water on treated skin. Do not shower or exercise for 3 hours after application (I suggest avoiding water for at least 8 hours). Your tan will achieve its maximum darkness in 4 hours.
5. Condition skin regularly with your favourite moisturizer to make your tan last longer.
6. Reapply for even darker colour.

Alright, so a few things to say here. This is, as it says on the bottle, a bronzing self-tanner. It has a hint of colour so you can see where you put it. Now, the colour is very, very sheer. So unless you are very very pale you likely won't be able to see it once you rub it in. However, if you rub it in very well and make sure to get every spot (get some help to do your back) not being able to see the product shouldn't be a huge problem.
I love that this product has vitamin e, it's soooooo good for your skin.

When I applied this product I did as instructed. I took a shower, grabbed my loofah (which is the one by ecotools with the recycling symbol in the shape of a heart) and scrubbed away. Now, I take pretty good care of my skin so my elbows and knees aren't very rough, so I skipped the moisturizing part. However, if your skin is on the drier side and especially on the back of your heels, I definitely recommend the moisturizer. Anyways, after that I went to town applying the lotion and got my boyfriend to rub it into my back. I stood in front of a fan for 10 minutes before I even thought about putting on clothes. Even after that I put on a baggy   t-shirt to keep the tan from rubbing off. I didn't put on normal clothes until about a half hour later, reason being the lotion was still pretty wet on my skin. It wasn't terrible, and I probably waiting longer than I could have, but you could just feel it and I didn't want to take any chances.

Over all the tan ended up great. I got pretty dark in the 4 hour time span that they said I would, but like I said before, you'll want to leave it on for a while before showering. My boyfriend used it and a few hours later he showered and it didn't work even nearly as well for him.

Something else that is great about this product is the tan doesn't come off as easily as other products I've used. In my Spa and Body Treatments practical class we practice massages and when I used the L'Oreal Self-Tanner the product definitely came off quite a bit, but this only came off a little, so I was pretty impressed with that.

Have you tried this product? If you have, sign up and leave a comment telling us what you thought!

xoxo - C