Friday, June 22, 2012

Staying Cool in HOT Weather

 The weather here in the capital of Canada recently spiked into the low 40's (Celsius, 112 Fahrenheit). Being a student on a low budget I am currently living in an apartment with ZERO air conditioning, my car recently broke down so now I have to walk and bus everywhere I go and the place I work in has air conditioning that doesn't seem to circulate quite well enough.

So, all that being said, I've had to come up with some crafty ideas on how to stay cool in the warm weather, even in pants (which, I tell ya, is not easy).

1. Fans, and lots of 'em.

Jambs and I bought a fan last year when we lived in our old apartment. Which was warm, but not nearly as warm as our current apartment. It's been running non-stop for the past week or so. The more fans the better, but watch your hydro bill.
2. Open a Freakin' Window!

We have every window in our apartment (albeit, we only have 2) open all night long. Despite living in a sketchy area of town. We have bars on them, don't worry. Close your windows during the day though, keep the hot air out and the cool air from the night time in.

3. Take a Cold A** Shower
I may be using precious energy by running fans all day, but I am certainly saving money by taking nothing but cool showers. They aren't ice showers, just cold enough that they're refreshing. If you don't pay the water bill, I suggest anywhere between 3-6 of these a day. When you're done moisturize using a cooling cream (anything that has peppermint in it has my vote).

4. Ice Facials are Your New Best Friend
So, if you haven't already seen Michelle Phan's video on ice facials I suggest you go to YouTube and search that now... I'll give you a second.
Got it? Good. If you don't want to go I'll give you the nitty gritty: boil water, steep green tea, add vitamin e (you may add other things if you know they are good for the skin), pour into ice cube tray, cover with tin foil, poke toothpicks through foil so they stand up, freeze, after cleansing, rub on face.

Ice facials are so amazingly good for your skin, they're full of antioxidants (which help fight aging) they're firming and refreshing and they're also moisturizing because of the vitamin e.

5. Welcome No-Cook Meals Into Your Life
What's worse than sitting in a blistering hot home? Cooking in a blistering hot home. I'm starting to enjoy cooking. I like watching Steven and Chris cook, then I try the same recipes. Generally they're pretty good and in the summertime, they either barbecue or they make no-cook meals. Salads and sandwiches don't have to be boring, just check out the intergoogleweb and see what you can find. Maybe I'll post a few recipes here sometime.

Those are my main tips, some other tips are fairly small and simple:
Ice cream, 'nuff said.
Citrus-scented bath products, they're just ultra-refreshing.
Wax your legs and underarms. This is more just because who the hell wants to take time out of their day to shave, when you could be cooling off at the beach or pool?
Wattttta (add some lemon to stick with that citrus thing).
Oh ya, that's right, SPF people, that one is important.... I should add that to the top... or I'll do a completely separate post on that.

There ya go, ways to stay cool when it's HOTTTTTT! Do you guys have any stay-cool tips? If so, please share them!
Stay cool,
xoxo - C

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