Monday, July 9, 2012

Get to Know Me and My Sister

Hey Guys!

I recently watched Kandee Johnson do her sister tag and I really liked the idea of it, so I decided to do a text-version of the tag with my sister. Sort of a little "get to know us". I would have done a video but my sister said she wouldn't fare well on camera. Just so you know, there was generally a lot of laughing and us poking fun at each other during my phone call with her.

My sister, Rebecca, and I always have a good time when we get together. We usually spend most of the time laughing, or having serious conversations about our lives. I often call her if something is going on in my life because even though she may be biased, she seems to be able to overlook it and support me even if she doesn't necessarily like the idea of what I'm doing but knows that I'm committed to doing it, or that I love it.

Who is the older sister? I am. We have a 1 year and 9 month difference between us.

Do you have any nicknames for each other? We often refer to each other as sistor (pronounced see-stor). I will call her anything, commonly "Sprecca". Becca doesn't really call me anything other than sistor or my casual nicknames like "Cassy" or "Cass".

What were your favourite games to play as children? One of our favourite games as children (and under the right conditions currently) was hide and seek. I can remember playing with other people and helping her hide in the closet, or even finding her in the linen closet on the uppermost shelves. My mom even hid her in the oven once. Oh the places you'll go.

Our favourite childhood memory?
Becca and I came to the agreement that we loved our fort-building memories. We used to build forts all the time! We had indoor forts made out of sofa cushions and sheets, we had outdoor forts that our dad helped us build out of trees (I'm talkin intense forts with "bathrooms" and everything) and we also had tree houses that, although we didn't make them, were a hoot.

What annoys your sister?
B - "I quite honestly have no idea haha, but I do know that when she's really annoyed or frustrated she'll tap/stomp her feet."
C - "Becca gets annoyed by a lot. She doesn't like repeating herself. She doesn't like when I mouth the words that she's saying (this is a habit that I wasn't aware of until last year). She also doesn't like being asked to make small decisions like where to go for lunch."

What is your sister's least favourite food?
B - "Cassy doesn't like salmon or potatoes." C - "Don't forget that one thing that I can't stand." B - "Haha! Oh ya! brussle sprouts! Oh my god, I can't believe you threw up the day you ate those." C - "They were terrrible!!! Anyways, Becca doesn't like to eat cooked vegetables or mushrooms and peppers period."

What is your sister's favourite food?
B - "Ummm..... I don't know... I'm not around you enough anymore to know what you like. I guess you like balsalmic vinagarette salad. C - "Ya, or spaghetti. Your favourite food is beef cube marinade." B - "Mmmmm, beef cube marinade."

If you could go anywhere in the world together where would you go?
We went back and forth on this for a while. We ended up deciding that we would probably go to Bonnechere Provencial Park as a destination, but we would love to go on a road trip together. Just the two of us.

What did your sister want to be when she was little?
B - "You wanted to be a lawyer for the longest time."
C - "Ya, I was pretty indecisive when I was a kid though. In grade 5 I went to career day as a comedian. Glad I didn't do that. When Becca was a kid she wanted to be a marine biologist."
B - "Oh ya! Then I realized that I sucked at science."

Do you have any inside jokes?
B - "Hahaha, yea.... 'the pinkie'"
C - "Too many to count. They aren't even like jokes they're just things we do that we think are funny that no one else would."
B - "Uhuh." C - "Wraarr"

What is something that your sister does better than you?
B - "Um, everything except shoot guns. I'm not afraid to admit it." C - "Shoot guns. She also knows more about insurance adjusting than me, and cars, and heavy equipment."

What celebrity does your sister remind you of?
B - "Anne Hathaway." C - "Really? Why?" B - "Ahaha, I don't know." C - "Alright, ha, well, Becca reminds me of a tomboy version of Ashley Tisdale."

What's your sister's favourite song or music style?
B - "I don't know. Uhh.... I don't know." C - "Okay then, well Becca's favourite song is "Guys Girl" and she pretty much strictly listens to country music. I like pop music."

What's your sister's favourite movie?
B - "Again, I don't know." C - "I really don't have favourite anything. I like all kinds of things. If I had to pick my top 3 I'd say Burlesque, Baby Mama, and Sex and the City. Becca's favourite movie is.... Dukes of Hazard?" B - "No." C - "Oh! Bambi. 'Bard'" B - "Yes! BARD!"

What do you love about your sister?
B - "You go first." C - "I love how gutsy she is. I also love how funny she is." B - "I also love how funny you are and I love that I get to be a girl around you."

There you have it. A little information about my sister and I! :) We love each other so much. We used to fight like cats and dogs. Like, legit fistfights. As the years go on, and since I moved out we've gotten along so great. We truly are best friends.