Friday, September 21, 2012

It Might As Well Be A Breakup........

I've learned something over the last month. When you're loved one leaves you, no matter what the reason, my coping mechanism is generally the same. Stay busy, stay busy, stay busy. Unfortunately, that busy-ness is either work, cleaning, groceries or running errands for James so I don't really have a whole lot of time for the blog thang. *I promise, one of these days the posts will be more than just sparratic*

No, James didn't leave me, but it feels like he did. I haven't seen him in a month. No pictures, no Skype, nothing. The most I get is a half hour phone call at night (which has actually been cut short the past couple nights).

Here's my advice for anyone who is recently alone (either because you've been broken up with, your spouse is on a trip, or left for training with the military). Keep doing things. As soon as I stop doing things, I start to think. Which either leads to money spent on stupid things, OR me crying over a bag of chips and a Skinny Girl Cocktail.

I fill my time with:

- Work
- Cleaning
- YouTube Videos
- Blogging (when I can)
- Visiting Family
- Hobbies
- Petting My Cat
- Focusing on Getting Healthy

The best thing you can do if your loved on is gone for a long period of time is think of a goal you'd like to complete by the time they get back (mine is to lose 30lbs before he comes back at the end of his 3 month training) then work your ass off at it. Maybe you want to change your look before they come back, or work harder on keeping your life (and apartment) in order. Whatever it is, when you're not busy doing other things that HAVE to be done, do it.

How do you cope when your loved one is gone?

xoxo - C

*I'll add pictures later, I'm currently at work :)*