Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Never, Ever, Ever Give Up

I've learned that when you're fully committed to something, you keep working at it, go through every avenue, until you reach your goal.

Shit doesn't get done sitting around waiting for shit to get done. Get off your booty and GET 'ER DONE!

You can use this in every little bit of your life. Your husband procrastinating on doing something you really want done? Do it yourself! You aren't incapable! Take out that trash, put up that picture. I recently had a friend who, as I was helping organize her room, said she had many pictures to put up on the wall and needed her dad to help. Aca-scuse me? No, no, no darlin, you go to the dollar store, you get that picture hanging kit, you put it up! Is it heavy? Get a drywall mount, use a stud-finder!

You're at work and your boss asks someone to do something and they're taking their sweet time getting around to it, or she says she's been planning on doing something herself but just hasn't gotten around to it. Jump on it! Your boss will be so grateful you helped her out, and you're going to feel good about being AWESOME! (Just don't point out you did someone else's job because that makes you look like your crying for attention.)

If you can put in the effort, and keep working you can have amazing results! For example, my sister's dog has been missing for a month. Her ex-boyfriend said he's tried finding her but has had no luck. So he tells us two days ago she's missing. Today I get on the phone and start trying to find her. ONE phone call was all it took and I found my sister's pregnant puppy whose been gone a month. The same thing happened two years ago with my basset hound. I put up flyers, ads on the radio, facebook ads and found her within 12 hours.

This can even be applied to your relationships. If both parties are completely committed, it can, and it will work!

What have you put effort into and gotten awesome results from?

Xoxo - C