Thursday, January 24, 2013

Quick Post ~ More to Come!!

Hey Guys!

More posts are for sure on their way! I have so many exciting things planned. For now I'm going to explain why I'm not giving you guys an actual post. I have spent my day taking turns with people to take care of a dog that will be going into labour in a matter of hours. Since this is her first litter and she's very young we have decided that it would be best for her if we are around for the birth so we can help her if she needs it. I haven't had a chance to even try taking pictures for the post I had planned, let alone clean the area. So, you'll have to settle for this until Friday when I will hopefully have time to do a double post. :D

I'll post some pictures I recently took on my phone so you can see what I've been up to. Please don't use my pictures without my permission.

Have a great day everyone!!!!!

Xoxo - C

Pic 1. A picture of me in my new outfit (a recent favourite).
Pic 2. Cali playing with me and James :)
Pic 3. My new logo for my business!!!! So excited. Done by Sandra Aroman