Thursday, February 28, 2013

DIY Face Mask and Pore Strips

Good Morning Beauties.
On this wonderful Thursday morning I want to share with you a face mask and pore strip recipe that I tried yesterday that did absolute wonders for my skin. I will update this post with photos next time I do it. I have a TERRIBLE habit of not taking photos when I do things that I want to blog later!
So, without further delay here are the recipes. Most people will have these items in their home. They aren’t obscure ingredients (which is something I don’t like about most DIY Masks).
Greek Yogurt Face Mask:
1 tbsp (or so, enough for your face) plain greek yogurt
1 tbsp oatmeal (uncooked)
1 tsp lemon juice (if you need less exfoliation reduce this to a few drops)

Mix these ingredients together and apply to a CLEAN face.
*Oatmeal and yogurt are known for their calming properties. Yogurt is moisturizing while the lactic acid in it exfoliates and the lemon juice is also a natural exfoliant and brightener.*!
Leave on for 15 mins and rinse off with warm water :)
Beat an egg white until frothy, apply to nose (or wherever you were looking to use your pore strip). Lay over that a strip of one-ply tissue paper. Wait until it dries (15-20mins).

Enjoy! Let me know how it goes


  1. Nice! I had no idea lemon juice was an exfoliate, I always assumed something would need texture in order for it to exfoliate.

    1. Yea! There's two types of exfoliants. Mechanical and Chemical. Mechanical is the type you're familiar with (something with texture). Chemical uses an acid of any type. Lactic acid in yogurt and milk, or citric acid in lemons etc. :D