Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Return of the Face Mask

Alright, so after a few days of PMSing (tmi? sorry) my skin has been going nuts. When I say “nuts” I mean nuts for ME. I’ve come to notice that a week before my period I get a few breakouts, my skin looks dull, it feels dry and it’s red.

The majority of the time my skin is awesome. On an average basis I could probably go without foundation. Not this week. Oh no. Going without foundation this week makes me want to turtle (yep, I used turtle as a verb).

And on top of my skin being kind of crazy winter did a number on my hair. It’s frizzy and dry. Not at all how I’d like it to be.

So today I decided I would take a little time out for me after a few weeks of not having that time.

I did the face mask that I mentioned in THIS post and a coconut oil hair mask. Here’s the ingredient’s for both!

Here’s a refresher on how to do the mask and the steps for the hair mask.

Face Mask:

Mix together a spoon-full of yogurt and a few drops of lemon juice (for exact measurements see previous post, I do recon it made slightly too much so this time I just eyeballed it). Add oatmeal. Mix all ingredients together and slather on yo face.

Hair Mask:

Melt coconut oil and apply to hair (make sure it's not hot). Wrap hair in plastic wrap/towel or whatever you want to use and put on a shower cap. *I did not wrap my hair pre-shower cap and the oil ran down my face fyi**

While I did this I removed my nail polish then before eating lunch I removed the face mask. After I finished lunch I rinsed my hair. Rinse your hair 2-3 times and make sure you do it well, then I used a little conditioner since I don’t like it when my hair feels weird after an oil treatment.