Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Best Foundation Routine for Everyday Wear

I've decided it's time to do another makeup post. It's been a while. You'll be seeing more of them soon! This is a post on how I apply my foundation. Normally, I apply my foundation to my forehead then do my eye makeup and apply my makeup to the rest of my face, but for the sake of this tutorial I did my whole face at once.

I start off making sure my face is moisturized. 

Then I apply a sunscreen. This is the one I use. Good LAWD please don't forget the sunscreen!

If I'm going to be going out somewhere, or spending a long time away from the house, I'll probably also put on a primer. Stay tuned for a review on this one.

After that I move on to my foundation. I prefer to apply my foundation in dots all over then blend it in with my beauty blender. I made the decision to jump on the beauty blender bandwagon and haven't regretted it for a minute! Highly recommend!
The foundation I currently use is Teint Miracle by Lancome but I will soon be switching for the summertime to something less moisturizing.

From here I apply my concealer. I use Essence Cosmetics (found at Shoppers Drug Mart) Stay Concealer (it claims to last 16hrs, this will need to be tested).

If I really wanted to I could stop at this point, but occasionally my face is rather shiny, especially when the weather is warm, so, this is where translucent powder comes in handy.

 Isn't that much better?

 Do you wear foundation? Is there anything you do differently? If so, why? We'd like to hear from you!

Have a splendid day!
xoxo - C