Thursday, June 27, 2013

On My Plate: Pecan-Cranberry Scone and Home Made Iced Green Tea Lemonade

Today is a "let's get creative with my food" kind of day. After browsing Pinterest until about 10:00 I ran downstairs and made my go-to breakfast in a jam (with a lil 'sum 'sum extra) and a new item that I had never made myself but I LOVE.
This morning (read: afternoon) I made myself my fav scone-for-one recipe (x2). You can find the recipe here at Heather's Dish - I have this recipe saved to Pocket (Formerly Read It Later), which makes it super easy to go back to it and make the recipe again and again - even if I don't have an internet connection - which will come in handy the first few days in our new home.

The recipe allows you to add whatever add-ins you wish, so I decided on pecans (for protein) and cranberries. Mmmmm.

pecan cranberry scone

In my awesome shoe tumbler is a home made Iced Green Tea Lemonade <tweet this> that I made in the Kurig (but its totally possible to make it without)!

Here's the recipe:
- 1 green tea k-cup (or a green tea tea bag)
- ice
- 1 packet of country time instant lemonade

1. Prepare green tea over ice either using Kurig or prepare green tea in a teapot first then pour over ice. Fill glass but make sure to leave room for more ice.
2. Add more ice and packet of country time lemonade (if making a small glass reduce to 1/2 a packet).

Voila.... DIY Iced Green Tea Lemonade that tastes just like the Starbucks version - bonus points if you use Tazo Green Tea (I couldn't find mine).

xoxo - C

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