Monday, June 3, 2013

Our Little Weekend Getaway: Ottawa

James and I enjoyed ourselves this weekend via a little mini-getaway. After I got off work Saturday I was only home for an hour before James and I decided we were going to take off for Ottawa to go see Now You See Me (which wasn't playing in our local theatre). 

Upon getting to Ottawa we went to the market which has to be one of my favourite places in the world. From the street vendors, to performers and all the little shops. Some of the places I frequent there are Lush, Beavertails, Sugar Mountain (for the gelato), and The Bay. My favourite restaurants there are The Blue Cactus (Ahhmazing), Mambo (great nighttime environment), Fat Tuesdays (palm readings on Thursday's), and of course the Hard Rock Cafe (which isn't at all a Cafe if you've never heard of it, and that's where we ate this weekend). While we were eating we brewed up the idea of staying in a hotel for the night and giving ourselves a little getaway. Living with my parents is okay in a lot of ways but sometimes in can be just plain old exhausting to never have a moment to yourself.

We decided to stay at the Lord Elgin Hotel on Elgin St. Our first choice was the Fairmont Chateau Laurier but they had no rooms available. So we went with James' second choice (I know nothing about hotel's or local landmarks so I let James choose those types of things, when we go to Niagara Falls for the weekend it will be all me for the planning).

lord elgin

I have never experienced valet services before and I have to say I enjoyed it. When we arrived at the hotel it was raining and I didn't have to walk from the parking lot/garage to the hotel = score.

We didn't stay very long upon check-in. We actually didn't even go up to the room. We checked-in and left immediately after to visit friends of ours in Gatineau QC as we had some time between dinner and the movie (which started at 9:55 - why didn't we go to an earlier show? Because James wanted his buddy to tag along and he was at a friend's birthday dinner until 9:00).

The movie was great! I highly recommend it. It hasn't gotten a ton of hype from the media but it had the wonder of a magic show, with an element of mystery which is something I always personally enjoy.

We got out of the movies around midnight and James stuck around the theatre to talk to his friend for about a half an hour afterwards, while I waited in the car. By the time we got back to the hotel is was around 1:00 and I was beyond exhausted! Little extras they had in our room included:

the next day's forecast

                                                    a starbucks room service menu - win

There was also a "pillow menu" for people staying more than one night, a Kurig brewing system, robes & slippers, and another room service menu for breakfast to be delivered in the morning. We chose breakfast from the restaurant menu as opposed to the starbucks menu. This is what breakfast looked like:

I wasn't entirely impressed by the breakfast. I'm not going to lie. We each ordered Eggs Benedict which was served with potato wedges and fruit as well as coffee/tea/milk and your choice of juice. It was good but I like James' Eggs Benny so much more. :)

After breakfast we showered and got ready for the day. Checkout was at noon but we were checked out by 11:30 and waiting for James' friend to come have coffee with us in Starbucks.

my man waiting in Starbucks for his buddy

This was one of the best weekends we'd had since we James joined the military & I left Ottawa. Even though it wasn't just the two of us.

When you only have the weekend with each other it can be easy to say "I want to stay at home and cherish every moment I have with you." Which can be hard for some people to understand since I'm not the only person in his life. I really want to just hog him to myself haha but I know I can't so when we're in the Ottawa area for a day we try to visit his best friend, when we have long weekends and if he's on holiday's thats when we'll make the trip to his hometown to visit his family. This was one of our ways of treating ourselves while still getting a visit in.

What do you do to treat your significant other and yourself? Do you have a regular date night, do you stay in, go out or do you go on a full-blown vacation?