Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Dubunking Pinterest Myths: Dry Your Nails With Pam

As a beauty professional I see pins all the time that make me shake my head and just go "Uhm..... no". I comment, and comment, and comment trying to correct the pin and rid people of their ignorance but alas, pinterest is a very big place. 

So I've decided to start blogging about all the things I see on Pinterest and either debunk the myth, or correct what's wrong with it. Think of this as "Mythbusters - Beauty Edition".

The first myth I want to debunk is one that bothers me every time I see it. You've probably seen it a few times while exploring the Pinterest world.

The picture looks something like this:

via: Pinterest
And the caption reads something like:
"Use Pam to dry wet nails fast"

If you search it, you'll actually find out I'm not the only person on this planet that knows this, but Pam will not dry your nails. It causes the surface of your nail to be slippery to avoid smudging if you brush your hand against something, like your pants, or sweater, hair etc. But, if you whack your hand against something, or sit on it, you'll see that your nail can still smudge, or dent. 

However, this is a great cheap dupe for quick-dries that are sold by companies like Orly or OPI. These too are just oils you drop onto each individual nail.

Your nails at least 20 minutes to dry completely. :)

Are there Pinterest beauty tips you're iffy about? Comment here with a link and I'll debunk/prove them for you!