Thursday, October 24, 2013

Debunking Pinterest Myths: Coffee Grounds

As I relax and wind down before I go to sleep I decided I wanted to do a quick post about coffee grounds, and their miraculous abilities to CURE CELLULITE!!

This is the photo I found on Pinterest. The comment under it was "How to eliminate cellulite the natural way."

Here's the problem I have with this:
You can not elliminate cellulite. No matter how much you work out, how much you massage your bum and thighs, how well you eat, once it's there - it's there. I'm not 100% on preventing cellulite but I DO know that although you can TEMPORARILY REDUCE the look of cellulite, some spa treatments and plastic surgery treatments can help. I did read something about a new treatment that is more promising BUT rubbing coffee grounds on your arse won't make your cellulite disappear!

Have you seen something on Pinterest you're not quite sure about? Comment or let me know on Facebook and I'll look into it! 

Xoxo - C