Sunday, December 8, 2013

To Splurge or To Save?!

We all dream of having a huge collection of high-end makeup products, but realistically, who has that much money?!? Very few of us. So what are we budgetista's to do? Save our hard-earned dollars or spend what we can on high-end products?
Why should we have to choose? Why should the decisions be so difficult?

Photo via: Pinterest

Below I'll outline the different must-have items in your makeup arsenal and whether or not you should Spend or Save!

1. Mascara & Eyelash Curler
The item EVERYONE must have. If your going to shy away from every other makeup item you need these two, small items. Curling your lashes and swiping on some mascara will make you look more awake in under a minute flat!

Verdict: SAVE
Drug store mascara is fantastic! Maybelline is one of my personal favourite brands. Check the drugstore for eyelash curlers too! If you're willing to try them (I haven't but the reviews are pretty good) ELF cosmetics has Mascara for $3! Don't let the price fool you! ELF has some great products!

2. Foundation
The second most important item in any beauty bag in my personal opinion, foundation is sometimes all I wear besides mascara. Foundation can even your skin tone, make you look more luminous, mattify an oily face, add some colour, hide imperfections, and boost your confidence!

Verdict: SPLURGE!
Don't get me wrong, sometimes the drug store can have decent foundations, but nothing can replace my LancĂ´me Teint Miracle foundation. Just a little in a few spots can take my face from "ehhhhhh" to "wow"!  I say: head to your nearest drug/department store and talk to a beauty expert about your skin and see what they can match you up with!

3. Eyeliner
I love me some eyeliner. Used properly it can make your eyes pop like nobody's business! It doesn't have to cost a fortune either!

Verdict: SAVE!
I only have ONE high-end eyeliner and I got it for free when I bought my foundation! It's fantastic, but my NYX eyeliner does the same thing for 1/4 or less of the price!
Try: NYX eyeliner (pharma plus stores), or ELF.

4. Eyeshadow
It can be your best friend or your worst enemy depending on your application skills. The quality of the eyeshadow plays a big part as well! 

Verdict: SWING VOTE!
I say this because it really depends on what you do with eye shadow. Do you wear one, maybe two colours? Try a drugstore brand, Rimmel's eyeshadows are pretty decent.
Do you want to experiment with lots of colours that blend nicely? Go for a high-end palette. Urban Decay's Naked 3 palette comes out this week!

4. Lip Products

A fantastic product that can both nourish your lips and make you look fantastic! But fantastic doesn't have to come at a price!

Verdict: Save!
Don't break the bank! My favourite lip product is L'Oreal Colour Riche lipstick. It feels the closest to a balm that I've felt. I've tried a ton of lip products!

There's your list! Work that budget to its fullest potential! Here's another short list for other non-essential products that may come in handy.

Primer - Splurge
Skin Care - Splurge
Bronzer - Save
Blush - Save
Setting Spray - Splurge
Highlight - Save
Concealer - Save
Powder - Save
False Lashes - Save
Nail Polish - Splurge