Wednesday, January 8, 2014

My 2014 Affirmations

This year I decided that I'm going to set some goals. Good goals. Different goals. 

Here are the big ones:

1. Be more financially savvy. This is a combined goal between me and James, we're still getting used to having our incomes combined so we need to get on track with finances. I'm taking a personal approach to this by doing the 52-week money saving challenge - but I'm cutting it in half by putting away two weeks worth each week.

2. Be better around the house. I am an awful housewife. I'm not exactly a housewife, but when I am home, I'm terrible at being home, because I wanna sleep, and do things that I want to do (like blog, or work on my business website, or come up with ideas, or hang out on pinterest) instead of cleaning and doing laundry.... I have to start waking up earlier.

Here's a few more personal goals:

1. Blog more!  Just do it. I don't know why I haven't been able to keep up with it before, but I've been doing really good so far this year so I'm going to keep it up!

2. Stay calm in tough situations. These situations include challenging customers at work, arguments with James, traffic, etc. I get upset because I really dislike confrontation. I get shaky and I start to panic and I can't concentrate. I'm going to take this by the horns by first - meditating more, starting at once a week and building up from there (once James goes back to work), and I'm going to try to bring myself back to my happy place when I'm put in a situation that may be difficult to deal with.

3. Organize my makeup stash. First, I think I need to build my makeup stash more. I looked at it today and realized I'm running low... then I'm going to get all those nice acrylic organizers and organize it. Perhaps once we get posted to our new base and we have a more permanent home.

4. Organize my work space. Nuff said.

5. Update the guest room. I'm lenient on this one, but the guest room needs a major overhaul. We need an actual bed..... first of all. And bedside tables and other things. I'll have to Pinterest some ideas once we get posted.

6. Update the bedroom. We currently use tv tables as bedside tables, have a crappy bookshelf that I bought from some rando person on Facebook for $10 and our TV isn't plugged in AT ALL because there's only two outlets on the far side from the door on two walls. Not exactly a recipe for romance.

7. Cook more. I need to stop eating at Mac's....

8. Upgrade my phone. Part of my money saving challenge. I'm going to save the money and use some of it to upgrade my phone. I might wait until September and get the iPhone 6... or I'll just get the 5s/c and be a year behind like I was when I got my 4s. I'd also like an iPad but that might not happen for a while...

I wanna know: what are your goals for 2014? And what steps are you taking to complete these goals?