Friday, January 17, 2014

Pinterest Myths Debunked: Get Rid of Those Pores!

Myth: Get Rid of Pores!
Through serums, scrubbing and steaming you can make your pores non-existent! (According to Pinterest comments and photos). Pinterest is very good at making thing that are otherwise impossible seem possible.

The Reality: You can not get rid of pores - you need them. They're important to your skin. I'm still iffy on whether or not you can actually shrink your pores but I do know that you can clean them - when your pores are dirty it makes them look bigger and more noticeable.

Pore Strips - DIY or otherwise.
Exfoliation - this won't take out everything that's already IN your pores - but it will prevent future clogging.
Mirodermabrasion - see above.
Professional Facial - this will help your skin far beyond just cleaning your pores.
Steam your face, then dry off any excess moisture THEN use pore strips.

For an instant fix (for photos etc) try this tip from one of my favourite Youtube makeup artist: gossmakupartist:

xoxo - C