Monday, January 6, 2014

How To Get Awesome Skin Like Me!

Almost everyone I know at some point or another has told me "You have great skin!" or "I wish I had skin like yours!".

I can certainly thank genetics for part my lack of skin problems, like everyone can attribute their skin to. But here are some things that you should also know about me to know WHY my skin is the way it is.

via NY Daily News
I have never smoked a day in my life. I'm sorry smokers but unless you have a lot of money to make it look good, or you're extremely lucky, your skin looks like crap.
First and foremost smoking lends to extremely dehydrated skin as well as an icky, ashy appearance. Not to mention the advanced aging shown in most smokers, along with "smokers mouth". Drugs will have similar affects - some worse.


I do not tan. James would tell you I'm afraid of the sun, and although I'm cautious in the sun, I'm not afraid of it. I have never stepped foot in a tanning bed, and I wear sunscreen at the very least on my face almost every day. Faux is the way to go. Here's why; tanning (in the sun or in a bed) drastically ages and dehydrates your skin. Ever notice how a lot of people who have tanned often for even a few months have almost leather-like skin? Yea. Gross. Cut that shit out people.

So, to summarize, the above two things (which, a ton of people do after the age of 16 - some even before) are the skin's deadly duo. And how you end up looking like this: *cue creepy music*

I pay attention to my skin. Feeling a little dehydrated? Time for a deep-hydrating treatment and to drink more water! Breakout happening? Gotta break out the tea tree oil and hot compress. Looking a little lackluster? A little exfoliation may do the trick.

I follow a proper skin care regime. Period.

Here are some other ways you could help your skin look and feel it's best!

Hydrate from the inside out! Drink more water. Add some lemon or something.

Eat a balanced diet. I'm not great at this one but I know that eating lots of fruits and veggies, along with drinking lots of water and eating plenty of protein WILL help you have great skin, hair and nails.

Supplement your diet, if necessary. Take supplements like fish oil, vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin B and vitamin D. 

If you skin is really dehydrated try getting a humidifier - the air in your home MAY be the culprit.

What do you do to keep your skin looking its best?