Thursday, February 13, 2014

Love Yourself This Valentines Day

I have all these people around me doing things for valentines day. Spending it with their hunny doing all sorts of lovey-dovey things - or just... things, in general.

I don't think I have valentines plans this year. If I do - they're completely up to my hubby to plan and execute because I'm going to be working 3-11 on Friday (that's not 3am-11pm). So, because Friday is my least favourite day of the week at work if I come home to a hunny in bed I'm going to spend some time loving myself instead.

Here is my recipe for an awesome DIY Love Yourself Valentines.

Epsom Salts
Bath/Coconut Oil
Your Favourite Beverage
Facial Cleanser
Face Mask
Moisturizer (face and body)
Hair Mask
Bubble Bath

1 - Light candles and start running your bath. Add Epsom Salts & Bubble Bath & Oil to bath. (The oil is for moisturizing purposes - this way your skin doesn't dry out from the warm/hot bath)
2 - Remove your makeup, wash your face. Apply face mask. I'm going to use the one I received in my Ipsy Glam Bag from Skyn :)
3 - Apply hair mask - this is optional, more often than not I just throw my hair in a bun/twist.
4 - Get in bath. Enjoy your soak and do whatever you want - listen to music, read a magazine, play a game on your tablet, tweet on your phone (JEEZUS - BE CAREFUL - DON'T DROP IT!)
5 - Sip your drink.
6 - When you've had enough of the bath get out, dry off and apply your favourite moisturizer. Remove your face mask, apply toner and facial moisturizer.
7 - Wash/rinse out your hair mask.
8 - Get in a snuggie/onesie/robe and put on a fantastic movie. Whatever you want really. I'm likely going to choose something mushy. Or go to bed. If I don't watch a movie, that's what I'll be doing.

You could totally watch your movie in the bath as well. Like I said before, just be careful.

Enjoy and make sure you love yourself!
xoxo - C