Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Put Spring in your Routine!

Around this time of year we're all thinking it - especially those of us further north - is it spring yet?

Alas - here in Ontario that little groundhog called for another 6 weeks of winter. *boo!*

There are, however, things we can do to prep ourselves for spring and I have JUST the tools for you to do it!

Hair Care:

You may have seen my posts about it around social media but Garnier has a new line out called "Damage Eraser" and it is fantastic. Seriously - big thumbs up Garnier.

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes; but that doesn't mean I have to like them! This is my personal opinion of the products. I don't give positive reviews to products I don't like.

shampoo, conditioner, split-end serum, deep conditioner

Damage Eraser has four products available in the line:

Fortifying Shampoo - It was shampoo, I can't really say that much about it. It smells nice.

Fortifying Conditioner - Where I started to notice all the wonderfulness. Left my hair feeling light, not heavy but silky.

Split-End Bandage - To repair those nasty split ends. I have noticed my hair feels much softer after using these three products together.

Strength Reconstructing Butter - I haven't used this product more than once to be able to give you a legit review on it. First impression, it made my hair feel fantastic. That's all I've got for now.

If your hair has seen some of it's roughest days this winter with the extreme cold, hats and ponytails it's time to get it in tip-top shape through the next six weeks of winter. This line is HIGHLY recommended by yours truly.

Skin Care:

Time to start some major skin repair and re-hydration. 

hydrating face mask

Keep up with your winter skin care routine - make sure your exfoliating according to your skin type (2-3 times a week for dry skin {note - there is a difference between dry skin and dehydrated skin}, every other day for normal skin, and every day for oily/combo skin)

Introduce a hydrating mask into your routine (even oily skin can have dehydration, that's when your skin starts to flake, or you start to see alligator skin - determine if a hydrating mask is right for you).
I recently tried the SKYN Iceland Fresh Start Mask and rather enjoyed it. The package provides you with six uses - perfect for the next six weeks. 

Use an eye cream. There are plenty out there to choose from for all ages. Benefit's "It's Potent!" has gotten great reviews. I have yet to try it but I do believe that's going to be my next major beauty buy as I'm starting to see some dark circles. It's perfect for all ages.
Lancome has some great options for people of all ages as well. As does Mary Kay. If those aren't in your price range check Burt's Bees.

Use a serum. If there's an "extra" I want you to introduce into your beauty routine (besides a face mask) it's a serum. You can get them from all kinds of skincare lines. I use Lancome's Advanced Genifique right now but I'm almost out of my sample and lord knows I can't afford $96 for a damn serum.
I'll have to find another one. Check on Sephora's website to see what you need for your skin. Philosophy makes some great ones and Sephora has their own line as well. 

Make sure to tone and moisturize. Just do it. Tone after cleansing/exfoliating/mask. Apply products from lightest to heaviest. Easy-peasy.

Drink water. Yep. Just do that too.

Nail Care:

Once a week or so take ten minutes to trim your nails, file, push back & trim your cuticles and apply a cuticle oil and hand cream. If you want to paint your nails wipe your nails with rubbing alcohol before applying polish, or wait until 100% dry THEN apply cuticle oil.

You can get cuticle oil from Essie, CND, OPI - most brands actually.

For more tips and tricks check out my Spring Refresh Pinterest board!

What do you do to get ready for spring?