Sunday, March 2, 2014

City Colour Be Matte Blush ~ Review

I've kind of fallen in love with blushes. I want one from every company in every colour. 

I used to just choose any old blush and swipe it on my cheeks and that would be the end of it. Now, I'm much more picky.

Today I'll be reviewing City Colour's Be Matte Blush in Fresh Melon.

I was happy when I opened my Ipsy bag and there was a coral blush in it. SO perfect for spring!!

I was surprised to find out that this blush is actually a very good price! It's $2.99 at City Colour - which is fantastic considering how great it is.

Here's what the website claims for the blush:
Our Be Matte Blush comes in 8 revolutionary colors, giving your cheeks a vibrant glow for every look. Its silky-smooth texture and richly pigmented hue comes in the perfect matte finish with an ultra blend-able formula. These stunning shades are highly build-able and allow you to create either an elegantly subtle or dramatically bold look. It's every girl's must-have secret! 

To be honest, I couldn't agree more! The texture is awesome and blends beautifully. The colour is potent but easily blend able for sheer coverage or build-able colour.

Have you tried City Colour's Be Matte Blush? If not, do you plan to? If yes, which shade did you try and did you like it?

xoxo - C