Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Essence Stays No Matter What 24hr Volume Mascara Review

Hello beauties!

A couple weeks ago I went to shoppers drug mart and decided to pick up some essence products to try out. I think the Stays No Matter What 24hr Volume Mascara was in a magazine and I decided that I should try it out.

The product claims:

"Here comes the mascara for long nights of dancing, extensive shopping tours, long swimming sessions ... simply all walks of life. tested and found to be absolutely essential for all active beauties. the waterproof formula ensures lashes full of volume for up to 24 hours and the innovative fiber brush captures each individual lash with its creamy formula. for an awesome look that stays put. opthalmologically tested."

Let's go ahead and just pretend that they're using capitals in that paragraph... and get on with the review.

Here's a picture of the wand. I personally prefer wands with plastic bristles that don't collect quite as much product - but that's the point of volumizing mascara right? Lots of densely packed product? The photo on their website shows a clean brush but you can't get a good idea of what the product will be like if you can't see the product on the brush. So I thought that was just a little misleading.

Here's a picture of the mascara on my lashes. On the left I applied the Essence Lash and Brow Gel Mascara before I applied the 24hr mascara and it went on a lot smoother! The right eye seemed to hold too much product and feels heavier.

 I wouldn't say the formula is creamy exactly. And the wand doesn't really capture each and every lash for extreme volume (although it did a much better job of this with the gel under it). But it does last quite well - even after trying my damnedest to remove it with eye makeup remover (all kinds of it). Does fine with water - I could shower with this stuff on and only have to do a little clean up.

Overall I'd rate this product a 3 out of 5. It does it's job but I'm not a huge fan of the formula. Would I buy it again? Likely not - but I am going to try out a few other Essence mascara's for sure. 

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What's your favourite waterproof volumizing mascara?