Friday, March 21, 2014

Essence Sun Club All-In-One Bronzing Highlighter

During my shopping trip to good old Shoppers Drug Mart (the one I mentioned in my mascara review) I picked up a few little things. Essence products took up the majority of my shopping bag since they're budget-friendly and I only had about $30 to work with.

I love hitting up the little Essence section and seeing all the "new" labels. New products are a beauty blogger's best friend! Reviewing older products can be great but new products are always awesome!

So when I saw this product my heart went pitter-patter. I was in the market for a new highlighter and I found one that has a shimmer-y bronzer and a touch of pink. A true all-in-one product. But would it bring me as much joy as my Essence Sun Club Matte Bronzer would? 
Speaking of which, I need to replace that bronzer. I've hit pan and completely broke off the top of the poor container. :(

I bring you the Essence Sun Club All-In-One Bronzing Highlighter for lighter skin. For eyes, face and body.

This product is superb at first glance due to the array of colours, and the fact that it's suitable for use on the eyes, and the face makes it a great travel product. Bring a big, fluffy brush for all-over colour and a few small eyeshadow brushes for sweeping over the eyes.

The colours have a smooth texture and blend easily. There's a pretty light pink with a creamy-coloured highlight. A deeper pink mixed with a cocoa shade and a deep brown for depth.

It's a fantastic little idea - but you need to be careful with application. You need to make sure you're blending really well. I found it difficult to make sure that you don't end up with little splotches of colour where you'd prefer you don't have colour. You've seen me wear this product a few times in Instagram photos - like this one:

It certainly provides fantastic highlight with a warm glow, great for jumping into spring. Like I said, you just have to make sure to blend well and use a good brush. I also tend to swirl my brush only into the bottom two thirds for my cheeks and then clean it off and swirl it the top third to highlight my high points. I haven't used it on my eyes yet but I could see myself using it in my gym bag as a great quick post-workout makeup product.

Would I purchase this product again? Maybe. I think I might need to get used to it a little longer first but the price is definitely right at $4.49!

What's your favourite all-in-one product?