Monday, March 3, 2014

My First Julep Maven Box

I was a happy girl today when I opened up my mailbox and saw a key for the parcel box!

There are only so many options for what could have been in the mail for me, and I was expecting my Julep box on Friday so I figured that's what it was - and here it is!!!

You'll notice my photos getting much better - I made an awesome new lightbox from some foam board I got at the dollar store! So now I'll be working on staging my photos and eventually I'll get a nice camera! :)

These boxes come with a lot of papers and such. A coupon for 50% off, which isn't bad - but I likely won't use it for at least a few months. Some information about the program, and a tiny welcome card were also included.

Mostly this stuff just got thrown aside, I'll look at it later!

The style they chose for me was "Classic with a Twist" described as "An iconic beauty with a timeless aesthetic. You're drawn to chic, elegant colours that pair well with any occasion."

The box included two polishes and a beauty product when I initially purchased. The products I received are:

Julep Mighty Nail & Cuticle Serum

(from left to right) Julep Polish in Myrtle, Julep Buffers, Julep Polish in Zora

Reviews to come! 

To see some reviews on tons of Julep polishes check out my darling friend - Kalyn's blog!

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