Sunday, April 13, 2014

Kiss Nail Reviews - Blogging on the Go

This week I'm blogging from my phone! I apologize if my posts are a little sloppy.
The blogger app is about 100x worse than blogging through the web platform - which doesn't offer much customization either.

Anyways! In the past few weeks I had the opportunity to test out some of Kiss Nails' products. Here's what I thought about them.

Kiss Gel Fantasy

I received these beautiful gold glitter full nail and French tip press-ons.

They give you two options for application: adhesive stickies and glue. I opted to alternate between each.

I wore these nails out to a concert and was not overly impressed with them. I applied them around 12:00 and by 5:15 one of the adhesive stickies had already started to let go - thanks to water seeping under the nail.

By that night all the adhesive ones I'd applied had let go. However, never fear! The glued ones lasted a very long time! I ended up having to remove them because I wasn't happy with having a few naked nails, but if you're going to purchase these, use the glue!

Would I purchase? Maybe - in a pinch, on sale.

Kiss Nail Dress

These are strip appliqué's that are peeled off a backing and applied to the nail with pressure, given a top coat (either polish or gel) and supposedly last 1-2 weeks.

I opted for the gel application but was not impressed with how these applied.

I can't even include a picture of them completely finished because I disliked how they turned out SO much that I'm ashamed to post it. 

Maybe the ones I got were a bad batch. They were too thick to be able to apply without lifting and folding and the adhesive barely stuck. 

These were honestly the worst strips I've ever tried; and I've tried a lot of strips.

Would I purchase? No. 

What did you think of these products? Did you try them?

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