Monday, April 21, 2014

Nail Tools - Guest Post from Chantal's Corner

Ah nails, when they look nice, I love them. I love doing my nails, I love how they look once they're done; but I hate how mine look so often that I just don't bother doing anything with them 60% of the time.

*side note: if anyone can recommend a really good nail strengthener, that would be awesome - the SH Nail Rehab is just NOT cutting it*

Not Chantal! She is a nail fanatic! (You remember Chantal - I guest posted on her blog last month!) If you don't believe me, have a look for yourself:

Hi everyone!

I'm Chantal from Chantal's Corner and I'm excited to be Cassandra's guest blogger today!

Our monthly theme for the Canadian Beauty Bloggers' guest posts this month is tools so I'll be sharing my favourite nail art tools with you.

Nail Art Brushes

One of the tools I use a lot are nail art brushes. They are great for all kinds of freehand designs, although I never do anything really elaborate with them because I'm just not that good at drawing. :-)

I bought these brushes from @stylishnailart on Instagram, they are the Pure Color no. 9 (long) and 10 (short). I really like them, they work great.

Here are a few nail designs I did with these brushes:

Dotting Tools

Some other favourite tools are my dotting tools. You can do so many simple yet beautiful nail art with these!

You can buy these at many nail art stores (mostly online), but the best prices are on ebay (under $2 + free ship.) – that's where I got my set.

If you don't have dotting tools you can use a bobby pin – that's what I used for my very first nail art! You can also use toothpicks to make tiny dots.

Here are some examples of what you can do with dotting tools or a bobby pin:

In the pink and purple flower nail art I used my #9 nail art brush to do the leaves.

Stamping Tools

I love stamping! You can make so many different looks and you don't need any drawing skills whatsoever!

I bought my stamping kit on NailPolishCanada (the Konad Starter Kit), but you can get some less expensive ones on ebay. I know that Essence has a stamping kit too (link has a tutorial on how to stamp) – available at Shoppers Drug Mart and Ulta. There are so many stamping plate options out there that the stamping possibilities are endless!

Here are a few stampings that I did:

And there you have it, my favourite nail art tools.

Do you do nail art? What are your favourite tools?

Thank you Cassandra for letting me take over your blog today!

- Chantal :-)