Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Body Shop Amazonian Wild Lily Eau De Toilette Spray

Amongst my favourite beauty products there's several different types of products, but fragrance isn't one of them. I'm not sure why I've never really gotten into fragrance but I just don't have the desire to purchase mass amounts of it like I do foundation, lip products, eye shadow, blush etc etc etc etc.

That being said I have nothing against fragrance. So I was happy to receive this product from The Body Shop to review. The fragrance is called Amazonian Wild Lily - it comes in a pretty bottle with a picture of flowers and leaves on the back(front?).

Why has no one come up with smellevision yet? Jeeze. 

Here's what The Body Shop has to say about the product:

Escape to the Amazon with wild lily. Inspired by the rain-kissed freshness of the jungle, this crisp, luminous eau de toilette from our Scents of the World fragrance collection features a blend of floral and aquatic accords.
  • Aquatic scent
  • Layer with other Amazonian Wild Lily products to build the fragrance
  • Blend two scents from the collection to create your own fragrance

The product is available for purchase in The Body Shop stores or online for $22 CAD.

I didn't mind the scent of this product but it wasn't exactly amongst my favourites. I like sweet smells personally. Long-time readers know I enjoy citrus scents, vanilla, candy-inspired scents and coconut. This is none of those.

The smell is basically rainforest. If you can imagine walking through a floral rainforest and imagine what that would smell like. This is it. It's nice, just not my cup of tea.

Thankfully it wasn't overpowering. It was very light and nice to have on. I just misted a few squirts into the air and walked through it. 

Would I purchase? No. Like I said, just not my cup of tea. If you enjoy floral scents you might very well enjoy this.