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I'm Cassy aka the "C" you'll see in mostly all of my posts. I'm country born-and-raised but a city girl at heart. Currently living close to Barrie, ON, I am obsessed with all things beauty and I am also a licensed esthetican who owns a home-based spa. I love blogging about beauty, but I also love to document my every-day happenings. 

I am dating engaged to one of the most amazing men the in the world who, incidentally, has thrown me into the whirlwind world of the military. You'll hear me talk about him from time to time, his name is James aka "Jambs". We're looking at our first posting come this June so stay tuned to hear all about that! I also have a cat whom I love to the moon and back (she also happens to be a pain in the ass).

James and I are planning our wedding for Aug. 30 2014 and the planning process is moving along swimmingly (though my parents insist on letting James zip-line in James Bond-style *le sigh*). Enjoy reading my posts and be sure to live like you mean it because you deserve it!

Fun facts about me:
Every Saturday James and I volunteer at the local humane society taking care of the dogs.
~ James and I currently only spend time with each other on weekends due to our conflicting work schedule.
~ Our favourite dog breed is the Basset Hound

To know more about my day-to-day life check out my lifestyle blog: Inspired Forces Wife

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  1. Really liking this blog cassy, it is deffinitly you in and out, glad your dream life has worked out in your favor!!!